Kia Ora Resort & Spa
French Polynesia, Australia/Pacific

Kia Ora Resort & Spa is a paradise of dynamic nature surrounded by the vivid blue lagoon. Walk through the palm trees through the entrance to find private guest rooms in traditional Polynesian architectural style.

With a circumference of 230 km, it is the largest atoll in the South Pacific with a lagoon that could contain the island of Tahiti and its peninsula! Some 240 motus (islets) separated by more than 100 very shallow hoa (channels) form its coral ring. Imagine a crystal lagoon 42 miles long in the aquamarine South Pacific.

The view of the clear waters of the lagoon behind the rooms glistening in the island sun, will take your breath away. The vivid color and the incredible clarity of the lagoon is fittingly called ‘Rangiroa Blue’ – spend an unforgettable time in this paradise of the blue lagoon, attracting visitors from around the globe.


Bright sunshine and blue skies, and the beautiful ocean of Tahiti; where time drifts slower than anywhere else. Guest rooms are made to fully relax, – comfortable, but open and spacious with a tropical touch of traditional Polynesian-style throughout. All private cottages are surrounded in palm trees in a large lot. Each come with an outside terrace where guests can sunbathe or stargaze – a special place to relax in private.


Overwater bungalows afloat one of the most beautiful lagoons in all of Tahiti. From your room, go through the terrace and the deck to find yourself right inside the clear, lagoon. The main room that serves as the bedroom and living room is spacious and modern. Sit on the lime green sofa and look down – like a private aquarium, gaze at the colorful tropical fish of Rangiroa through the floor glass. Rest on your bed and look out at the beautiful lagoon of Rangiroa through the two giant windows. Time to relax and enjoy the color gradation of the ocean as time passes.


Villa type guest room surrounded by white coral walls. The bedroom, living room and shower room are all in one area, giving the guestroom a spacious feeling during your stay. The locally made Polynesian-style decor and furniture create a gentle and comfortable atmosphere. Inside the private garden, a private pool, terrace and a gazebo called the falepote, and an open-air bathtub await. Enjoy sunbathing on the terrace or stargazing from the bathtub – relax in Tahitian time in this villa.


Private Polynesian-style bungalows situated along the white sandy beach. This guest room uses natural styling in Polynesian taste, decorated with local arts and crafts, pearls and coral. Polynesian wooden carvings and wall paintings seen throughout the room create a tropical atmosphere. Each room comes with an outdoor Jacuzzi on the terrace overlooking the lagoon – take in the panoramic view of the lagoon spread out over the horizon. Rock in the hammock alongside the beach for a holiday in paradise.


Enjoy the distinctive ingredients of French Polynesian cuisine.
Tahiti boasts a wonderful fusion of French and Polynesian cultures, and meals here are a source of great pleasure.

With an assortment of special dishes which can only be enjoyed here in Rangiroa, such as fish dishes using fresh seafood, Rangiroa honey – the only honey produced in Tahiti – and Rangiroa wine made from grapes cultivated on the atoll island.


Kia Ora offers a wide range of activities ranging from a full-day excursions to the reef and neighboring islets, diverse diving programs for beginners and advanced in the lagoon and in the ocean, outrigger canoes, snorkeling and skin diving, deep sea fishing, swimming, windsurfing, sailing, glass-bottom boat excursion, boat rental with pilot, bicycles, table tennis, volleyball, petanque.

Wellness & Beauty

Spend quality time of relaxation at the Poekura Spa – ‘The Shining Pearl’ in Tahitian – in the quiet bungalows standing amidst the palm trees. Choose from a variety of treatments: traditional Polynesian massage, oriental massage, hot stone massage, reflexology, or skin treatment after spending time in the sun.


An international flight to Tahiti and then a one-hour flight to Rangiroa.

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