North Island
Seychelles, Africa
Villa/Hotel $2,798+ per night /Whole Island: $22,000+ per night

Located amongst the inner granitic islands of Seychelles, North Island is a fertile paradise – the perfect setting for our Noah’s Ark conservation and island rehabilitation programme. The natural beauty of North Island will touch and inspire you at the deepest level.

North Island lies just north of Silhouette and was recently used as the location for the film ‘The Thunderbirds.’ The beautiful beaches are separated by dramatic rock formations on each end.

The setting and natural beauty of Seychelles has inspired the island’s conservation practices and philosophies, and has also influenced the design of our guest spaces.


North Island features just eleven private guest villas, offering each guest an unparalleled sense of exclusivity and luxury. Our villas have all been created from local materials harvested during the island rehabilitation process, balancing luxury and simplicity to form a signature architectural style we call “barefoot luxury”.

Each villa will become your own private beach home. The colors evoke the marine environment and the fusion of rough and smooth textures and simple and sophisticated forms combine to create an entirely authentic, contextual, and sumptuous sanctuary.

Your experience on this private island is completely customised to the holiday you are seeking. The rules on North Island are the ones you make yourselves: your schedule is only as full as you wish it to be, and the dress code reflects your own personal style.

During 2014, the latest softs and décor refurbishment introduced a refreshed colour palette, designer bathroom fittings, and re-emphasised sense of place – all ensuring that North Island continues to set the global standard for luxury private island hideaways.

North Island features ten elegant yet relaxed Presidential villas, set along East Beach and with direct access to the beach and ocean. Each villa is completely screened from view by careful siting in harmony with the natural vegetation, ensuring total privacy as well as ocean views.

The open-plan flow of the villas invites exploration; the mixture of textures encourages touch and the organic shapes of the artisan-made furniture and fittings entice the eye. You’ve come home to your very own 450 sqm (almost 5 000 square feet) beach villa – the perfect, harmonious blend of rustic, sinuous forms and sophisticated designer elements.

Each Presidential villa offers total privacy, generous space, and your own exclusive tranche of the luminous white sands and turquoise waters of East Beach.


North Island offers an unmatched level of personalization and generosity to each guest, particularly with the culinary experience. Daily menus are designed according to the latest Island harvest with special consideration being given to your favorites along with any dietary requirements you may have.

The many dining venues on the Island lend themselves to a range of food experiences depending on your mood. The Piazza offers gracious candlelit, private dining with the gentle sounds of the ocean setting the scene for a romantic evening. West Beach Bar serves up fresh hot pizza, salads and tapas-style barbecue snacks, all perfect for sharing as you watch the sunset, lingering over a cocktail and relaxed music.

Wellness & Beauty

Pamper Yourself on North Island Exotic and rare, the Spa on North Island is a holistic journey of visual and textural contrasts, arousing the senses, rejuvenating the mind, body and soul.

A team dedicated of professional masseuses use natural herbal ingredients from the island in the treatments, connecting you in the most primal way to the Eden you have discovered.

On arrival at North Island, you will experience our famous “barefoot ritual” designed to soothe away the stresses of travel, and allow you to slip seamlessly into Island mode. A full menu of treatments is available, either at the Spa, with its stunning views down over granite boulders to the glittering ocean below or in the privacy of your own villa for ultimate convenience and relaxation.

The Spa on North Island uses Thalgo marine spa cosmetics, created from the sea for the ultimate sensory spa experience.


North Island offers guests a unique, generous and exclusive experience that marries privacy, escape and exploration in Seychelles. North Island is a place of tranquil beauty and refuge, for the indigenous wildlife whose habitats are being rehabilitated and for guests seeking to escape from the rush of the modern world. At the same time, the sense of space, the pure air and water, and the surrounding natural beauty can easily prove to be a stimulation to exercise body and mind, to try something new, hone a skill, or explore the granite peaks or coral reefs.

There are few places on earth where you can feel more alive or experience a more holistic sense of wellbeing. This combined sense of relaxed vitality and discovery allows you to enjoy the private island at exactly your own pace and to relax or explore as you choose. Guests on North Island can choose from a generous list of activities, including kayaking, scuba diving and stand up paddling, all without leaving this beautiful, lush island. Activities, lessons and guided excursions are all included as part of your completely customized experience. Explore the offerings below to see the diverse range of all-inclusive activities you can seek out on your North Island holiday.


North Island is about 20 to 30 minutes by helicopter from Mahe Airport.

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