Citation Mustang
Flight Range
Cruising Speed
381 mph
63 cu. ft

Cabin Width: 4.5 ft
Cabin Height: 4.6 ft
Cabin Length: 9.8 ft

• Flight Range: 1200
• Cruising Speed: 381

• Seating for 5 Passengers
• Non-Smoking
• Wireless Internet
• Satellite Phone

The Citation Mustang is a very light jet with spirit of a heavier jet. The speed and range of the performance inspired Mustang will tackle the sky while delivering the efficiency of a lighter aircraft. It’s aerodynamic design and advanced technology excels in short-field performance situations.

The cozy interior boasts amazing finishes and the highest-quality materials for the upper class luxury you come to expect in a business jet. The Mustang’s cabin has six large oval windows which provide incredible views and abundant natural light.

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