Falcon 2000EX
Flight Range
Cruising Speed
480-551 mph
131 cu. ft

Cabin Width: 7.7 ft
Cabin Height: 6.2 ft
Cabin Length: 31.0 ft

• Flight Range: 4300
• Cruising Speed: 550

• Seating for 10 Passengers
• Non-Smoking
• Enclosed Lavatory
• Wireless Internet
• Satellite Phone

The Falcon 2000EX combines advanced technology and optimum comfort. It has all the features that made the F2000 one of the world’s most popular large cabin jets, plus some notable enhancements. These include upgraded engines and cutting-edge avionics providing more range than its predecessor. It also features a wide bodied, quieter more comfortable cabin making it ideal for people who like their quiet time. Perfectly suited for transcontinental and international flights, the Falcon 2000EX provides absolute comfort for up to 10 passengers.

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